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Before the Law - Armu Jama


Universal, Fr. 5.10.2012, 14-15 Uhr, Pariz One & Mr. Dheo


play: Pariz One & Mr.Dheo



documentation about "Before the Law - Armu Jama" is coming soon!



Pariz One is an internationally recognized Graffiti Artist, with a degree in audiovisuals, and Creative Director at TDL. He began by doing graffiti in 1999, plowing this same time in the world of street art, bringing together the two artistic forms, becoming a complete artist in respect to street art. Since 2003 Pariz started his travels in Europe, which sparked the artist too a different cultural and artistic overview. He has work in several countries highlights include Germany, United States,Italy, England, China, France and Spain. Having won competitions, Pariz includes several events, organized the Iberian stage of the graffiti world biggest challenge known as Write 4 Gold, and has painted in the world final, held in Germany as a guest artist. In 2008 initiates the project called “The Writers Bench”, a space dedicated to artists and graffiti street art, where you could find mounthly exhibitions. At about 9 years of Graffiti he started to do graffiti work on a professional level, for individuals, businesses companys and private and national brands such as Worten, APAV, MTV, Reebook,Sic, El Corte Ingles, Loja das Meias, CTT, Bench, Posca, Ziliani, Dedicated Store, Waves & Woods store, Dolaso, etc … Today he collaborate with one of the biggest brands of the world for graffiti,the brand Molotow, produces collections for Lonsdale and Dunlop in London and is the officia l artist of Music Monsters worldwide. Pariz is directly connected to the public sectors as the Lisbon City Hall, some joints Parish Councils throughout the country and the town hall of Wiesbaden in Germany giving wings to its proposed restoration and upgrading of public spaces. Part of 4 crews Graffiti Voodoo Skills (Portugal, Germany, England, Holland), Very Dirty Style (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland), Cannot Stop Fanatics (Germany, Italy), and TKO (United States). His works are scattered all over the internet, with interviews in several languages sites in several countries, films, documentaries, and was invited to work for the site, this site is No. 1 in the world at this time regarding the graffiti. We can find more works of the artist from all over the world in the form of magazines and books. His style is characterized by being large, wild and colorful, the true Wildstyle. Passionate by letters and the magic that they transmit, Pariz merges elements of New York oldschool style with elements of European newschool style,creating what the artist likes to call “New Old School Style.” more informations:



MrDheo always related to Art. When he was three years old he began to copy sentences from newspapers and magazines and drawing on his own. Always rejecting any kind of connection to a school or Art course in his childhood, he developed his own techniques, which enabled him to evolve without direct influences. As an autodidact, the first contact with graffiti appeared at the age of fifteen and soon his drawings turned into countless letter studies. Months later he did his first street painting and started to meet other artists to whom he related and that motivated him to carry on.

Today – after twelve years of continuous work – Mr.Dheo collaborates with well-known international brands and companies although he keeps the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, he dedicates himself mostly to photorealistic productions which, together with graphic components, gives him a very personal style in constant growth and development. more informations: