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Joe and Rebecca go window shopping


4 Dezember, 2009: Joseph Walsh,


Behind and in glass is the moral exhibitionism that we all need. Body as utopia, body changed, it wears its architecture.





play: Joe and Rebecca go window shopping



“The last thing I bought from the internet came from Los Angeles and they were packed with these bags of Los Angeles air and I opened the box up in my freezing cold kitchen in hackney in London.. I had an afternoon full of imaginary Californian sun.”

“The mannequin has a toy tiger on its head...Bonobo monkeys which are also called pygmy chimps are interested in fashion too. They pick up small animals and objects and put them on their heads and parade around with them.”

“It’s not a shop that I would like to get locked in at night. If you got locked in, you’d have to keep very still to get through the night.”

“it’s funny that flattening out that comes with the self-irony, there’s not much play left in it... maybe this is a naïve projection onto wealthy people, but maybe at a certain point you’re willing to pay for people to be insulting.”

A sign we saw on the edge of New Bond Street.

“The chicken lizard on it’s own would be a really bad joke, but next to the tumour it becomes a relief.”