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A´na : Supporting the emergence of a civil society through independent media and culture projects



Founded on August 2, 2001 by renowned photojournalist Reza , the non-governmental organization A´na is working to build and develop a thriving civil society through independent media and culture projects.


Over the last three years , within the emerging democratic process and the reconstruction of a national identity in Afghanistan, A´na has developed far-reaching projects throughout the country: 8 media and culture centers in eight provinces that provide support for the leading news publications of the country as well as video production and training; the first educational mobile cinema; the first Afghan school of photojournalism, Afghanistan's first women's radio station; and the first Afghan advertising and communications agency.


To reach our objectives, A´na brings together a dedicated team of volunteers, media professionals and Afghans, of whom one third are women and a large number are experienced journalists. The training offered by A´na has thus far benefited nearly 1000 journalists and students. Through our supported publications, over 400 000 readers have been exposed to Aina's work. Close to one million spectators have taken part in A´na's film screenings, and over 3 million listeners have tuned in to A´na's radio programs.


A´na offers specialized audiovisual training to women in Afghanistan (filming, photography, journalism, etc.), encouraging women to speak out, and keeping them informed through national information campaigns about important issues such as health, labour rights and the democratic process to name a few.


A´na also places an emphasis on children's education through its bi-monthly magazine Parvaz . This publication acts as a window to the world for Afghan children, teaching diversity and cooperation to those who will become the next generation of Afghan leaders.


Aina is providing the tools of freedom through a Multimedia Training Institute, and offering Afghans access to the latest in technology and multimedia equipment.