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Interview with Mahmood Shah Salimi, Exiltheatre, 6 am, Kabul, Aug. 24th 2005



Exil theatre, Kabul, Beyond the mirror


Author/director: Mahmood Shah Salimi


Actors: Anisa Wahab, Zia Murad, Jamil Royesh, Salim Asir, Mahmood Shah Salimi


Duration: 30 min.


Summary: The play detects the different political and ideological regimes in the recent 25 years in Afghanistan. This non-verbal, physical and pictorial theatre uses forms of expressionism, symbolism and surrealism and elements of martial arts, dance, sculpture and cinema.


Biography: Mahmood Shah Salimi (*1973) graduated from Kabul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, co-founded the Exile theatre in Peschawar and the Dramatic Arts Centre Kabul. He is currently working for several organisations, for instance BBC, UNAMA, and Afghan Film as script-writer and director.


ExilTheatre is a theatre group from Kabul founded by Mahmood Shah Salimi, Salim Asir and ohters. They are collaborating with Bondstreet Theatre, Joanne Sherman, Michael MacGuigan. Now they are on tour in Japan with "Beyond the Mirror" "a visual journey - through years of war — portrayed through the myths, memories and first-hand accounts of ordinary Afghans. Traditional dance, live music, visual effects, filmed montages, and creative physicality bring this tapestry of stories to life. We are honored to have the live music of Quraishi playing the traditional Afghan rebob."



Bond street theatre







Anisa Wahab, Beyond the mirror.

all images: Zpugmai Zadran