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”Our Prime” campaign aims for Mr. Haradinaj’s return to Kosova to defend himself in freedom, through peaceful means consisting of awareness raising as well as a nationwide petition that will be sent to the Hague Tribunal upon completion. our prime sign the petition


SRSG’s statement on the Prime Minister’s resignation


SRSG Søren Jessen-Petersen this afternoon made the following statement following the resignation of Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj:


“I have taken note of Ramush Haradinaj's decision to step down with immediate effect as Prime Minister of Kosovo. I do, of course, respect his decision, but I cannot hide the fact that his departure will leave a big gap. Thanks to Ramush Haradinaj's dynamic leadership, strong commitment and vision, Kosovo is today closer than ever before to achieving its aspirations in settling its future status. Personally, I am saddened to no longer be working with a close partner and friend.


In his decision today, Mr. Haradinaj has once again put the interests of Kosovo above his own personal interests. It is important that the people of Kosovo respond with the same dignity and maturity as that shown by Ramush Haradinaj. I understand the sense of shock and anger over this development. I appeal, however, to the people of Kosovo to express your feelings through peaceful means. A violent response will not help Kosovo. It will only serve the interests of those determined to block Kosovo’s way forward. It will be a major setback to everything Kosovo has achieved recently and it will defeat all the recent achievements, notably those reached during Mr. Haradinaj’s leadership.


The decision announced by Mr. Haradinaj to co-operate with the Tribunal, despite his firm conviction of innocence, and although painful for him, his family, Kosovo and for his many friends and partners, including in UNMIK, is at the same time an example of Kosovo's growing political maturity as a responsible member of the international community. I trust that Mr. Haradinaj will again be able to serve Kosovo to whose better future he has sacrificed and contributed so much.


It is important that we all remain calm and dignified during these difficult days. In accordance with the Constitutional Framework and applicable regulation, the Deputy Prime Minister will temporarily lead the Government. Meanwhile, I will work with the political leaders of Kosovo to make sure that, as soon as possible, there is a government in place that can continue, without delay and disruption, the work that will bring Kosovo towards a comprehensive review of standards this summer and into status talks later this year. I appeal to all political leaders to show responsibility by joining together in common pursuit of the Kosovo’s higher interests at this crucial moment. Together, we can overcome the present difficulties, and continue forward on Kosovo’s European path towards a free, democratic, multi-ethnic, stable, and prosperous Kosovo.”